Updating your Billing Address

When your billing address changes, make sure to update it with us as well to ensure no disruptions in your service.
Updating your Billing Address Billing information may be updated in one of 2 ways.
On an active subscription:

  • Go to your account page and sign in if not already.
  • In the Subscription Details section, click on “Edit payment details.”
  • On the “Edit payment details” screen, click “Edit Address”

As you re-subscribe: If you do not have an active subscription, go through the full subscription process using either the link here, or the “Subscribe” button in top right Account menu. If you choose to reactivate your account using the button on your Account page, the billing address you have for your current method of payment will be used. If you do end up reactivating with outdated billing information, you can still update it using the above steps.