Managing your App Store Subscription

If you subscribed through a Google, Apple or Roku device, then your subscription must be managed through the appropriate store. Learn more about these options below:

My store shows I’ve paid, but my WWE Network account shows me expired and doesn’t let me watch content.

There could be several reasons you see this, including:

  • Your subscription is linked to a different WWE Network account.
  • We were unable to verify your purchase or renewal.

Checking your Email Address:
If you’ve recently purchased your subscription on a different device, we recommend checking the email address that’s signed in on that original decice. To do this:

  1. Launch the WWE app on your original device.
  2. Click the “More” (...) link in the bottom right navigation bar
  3. Select Account

If you’re signed in and your subscription status is active, then your subscription is linked to the email address shown and you should be able to use this account across other devices.
If you’re not signed in still, but you’ve had other WWE Network accounts under different email addresses in the past, you may want to try signing into each to check whether your subscription became linked with one of those.

If you’ve never had a WWE Network account in the past and you’re certain of the email address you were signed in with at the time of purchase, please try restoring your puchase on that WWE Network account.

Restoring a Purchase:
Google and Apple subscriptions may re-link an app atore subscription with their WWE Network account provided both the app store account and WWE Network accounts are the same as used for the original purchase. You can restore your purchase through the following steps:

  1. Launch the WWE app on a device linked to the App Store account that manages your subscription
  2. Click the “More” (...) link in the bottom right navigation bar
  3. If needed, sign into the WWE Network account on which you made the purchase
  4. Once signed in, click “Account” under Account and Settings.
  5. If your account status shows expired, click the “Restore Purchase” option at the bottom of your account screen.

This should re-link your store subscription with your WWE Network network account.

I’ve tried restoring purhcase, but it doesn’t resolve my issue.

If you’ve been unable to re-link your subscription to your WWE Network account, please contact Customer Service for assistance.