How to Become a Superstar

If you think you have the right stuff to join the ranks of athletes, heroes and legends who have graced the ring with incredible character, vision and strength, keep reading...

Apply for Superstardom

First Cut

  • Are you 18 years old or older?
  • Do you have wrestling experience?

Take it to the next level and apply online.

Second Cut

Apply online and we’ll review your application and all other information. If we think you have the power and potential to become a world-class athlete, you’ve made the second cut and will be invited to tryout with WWE. Accept the invitation if you’re ready for the challenge.

Try Outs

We hold auditions all over the world throughout the year. If you’re invited, come prepared!

Begin Your Superstar Journey

Our staff of professional athletes, trainers and coaches provide expert guidance and feedback. Work hard and you could be a new recruit!